The Roundup

The Holidays are Tulsa Giving Time

by Tulsa Rib / on September 30, 2016


Tulsa Rib Company has the good fortune of being asked to support so many great charities in our community. As we finish out our 34th year in business, we know how truly blessed we are to not only have a thriving business but that business then enables us to help those less fortunate in our community.

At last glance, in 2015 we have helped over 100 local charities with donations. We help youth sports, youth enrichment programs, after school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YWCA, YMCA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters,local faith based organizations and places of worship, high school programs and athletics, food banks, cancer research, cancer support, shelters to name just a few. Each one are very special and deserve all of our support.

One of the charities in our community we have a special partnership with is our local food bank: Mary’s Kitchen. In our early years we read about Mary trying to feed those without food and shelter down the street from our original restaurant. After that story, it was an easy ‘give.’ mary in the kitchen

Long before there was a wonderful movement for catering companies to preserve their extra food from events to then pass to shelters, we were quietly filling Mary’s kitchen with our leftovers.

We let all of our clients who over estimated their guest counts we would be donating their extra food so others could eat. It turned out to be a wonderful chance to share their food and Mary’s Kitchen story with our catering customers. Many of these clients also became donors.

As we move into this Season of Giving Thanks we want to thank all of the charities we are asked to support, they do wonderful work for our community. We especially want to thank Mary’s Kitchen because the work they do truly impacts those most in need of food and shelter.