Private Party Room Q&A


1. How many people can the room hold?
Our Banquet Room will hold a maximum of 48 people
2. Is there a minimum number of people needed to reserve the banquet room?
Monday-Thursday – 20 people minimum

Friday-Sunday 11-4 -20 people minimum

Friday-Sunday 4-cl – 35 people minimum

3. How long do I get the room?
The room will be available to you for a maximum for 2 hours with a basic menu order. Appetizers and/or desserts you will get an additional 30 minutes .
4. Can I extend the rental time?
Yes, call our catering office for details.
5. What is family style?
Family Style is where we will give everyone a dinner plate and all of the main entrees and side dishes will be on large platters on the center of the tables for guests to help them selves to and pass around.
6. Do you have any Audio Visual Equipment?
We will have a TV with an HDMI Outlet.
7. Do you require a deposit?
Yes a non-refundable deposit of $400 will be required to reserve the room and will be applied toward your bill
all menu selections must be made a minimum of 4 days in advance.
8. Can I bring decorations?
Yes table decorations are allowed and client must remove all decorations at the end of the event. There may be limitations depending upon what style of service you choose sit down or family style dinner due to space on the table.
We will not allow confetti or any items to be tapped or pinned to the walls.
9. Is Gratuity Included?

We charge 18% tips and
There will be $100 charge for the 1st 2 hours and $100 for every extra hour .

10. Can I bring my own Wine?
Yes you can bring in your own wine however there will be a corkage fee of $1.50 per person. You will not be able to bring in hard alcohol or beer.
11. Can we have Tulsa Potatoes?
Yes we will be able to offer our famous Tulsa Potatoes!
12. What options do we have for appetizers?
Appetizer Trays- Fruit, Cheese, Shrimp, Chicken Wings and more. Please see our banquet room menu for more detail.
Family Style Appetizers – Chicken Strips, Mozzarella Sticks, Artichoke Hearts and more see banquet Menu for more detail.
13. How will appetizers be served?
Depending upon how many people you will have and what appetizers you choose they will be set up as a station or family style. Exact details will be discussed before your event.
14. Can we have a gift table?
Yes but it will depend upon the number of people and the space available. For some events it may no be possible.
15. Can I bring in my own dessert?
Yes and our staff will help cut and serve it for a plating fee of $1.50 per person.
16. Can I reserve the room on a Saturday or Sunday before 3:00pm?
17. How many people will be serving us?
The number of staff we will have dedicated to your event will depend upon the number of people and menu items selected.
18. Do you offer Kid’s Meals?
Yes we will offer a limited kids menu.
19. Can I make changes to my order?
Definitely we try to be as flexible as possible but there will be some situations that we can not make changes. We will need your minimum guest guarantee and menu selection 7 days before the event and after that date we can always add guests or menu items up until 2 days before the event.

*Some exceptions may be made depending upon the date, time and request.